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Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG


Production area: Valtellina, Tresenda di Teglio, La Perla vineyard

Variety: Nebbiolo

Alcohol content: 14.5% - 15% vol.

Training system: double Guyot on the Triacca system

Harvest: Manual, in crates of 4.5-5 kg (one layer of grapes per crate)

Partial drying: the grapes are left to dry in our well aired storage facility for about 3 months, losing up to 30% water, thereby concentrating all the other components.

Vinification: after destemming and crushing, the must is cooled to 5-7°C for several days and then heated to 24°C, at which point the temperature-controlled fermentation begins. Maceration on the skins for approx. 20 days. Following malolactic fermentation, the wine matures in untoasted oak barrels.

Aging in barrels: 36 months in oak barrels of 5,5 and 10 hl

Aging in bottles: 12 months

Bottles produced: 3000 - 3500

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