We grow dreams

We grow

Every year. We don't know what kind of harvest it will be but we know how much care we've dedicated to looking after our vineyard. We know how much time and energy we've spent. Even though tending vines is arduous and tiring, we know it's worth it. We believe the vineyard will repay the passion we've lavished on it.

We grow dreams

So part of it is something we've promised ourselves, and part of it is our faith in nature. Planting and growing dreams is a courageous gamble. When the soil eventually repays us, in our view its fruits are not just bunches of grapes but rather so many pearls from our dreams, materializing before our eyes, turning dream into reality.

The Perla

We grow dreams

And if we're able to do so, it's because someone taught us how; someone who carefully cultivated those dreams within us.
As shown in our logo, the grape is the pearl (La Perla) that compensates us for our efforts.

But "La Perla" is also first and foremost my mother Elisa's nickname. I dedicate our adventure to her, and all the benefit to come of it.

Marco Triacca